That’s what the Romans thought, too, when they cultivated the first vines here – and thus established one of the oldest wine-growing traditions in Germany. Since then, a lot has changed as the Mosel runs its course through its sun-drenched steep slopes which have become home to world-famous wines. And even though our Latin influence has faded, we at Moselland eG Winzergenossenschaft still cultivate with our winegrowers what the Romans began thousands of years ago: The tradition and quality of Mosel wine.

We started – like so many others – on a small scale. Around 50 years ago, in the Mosel valley, a group of grape growers came together what is now the largest winegrowers’ cooperative in Rhineland-Palatinate and one of the most important Riesling marketers worldwide. With fresh concepts, we take our Mosel wine to the world. And for us, we can’t be without wine.

One stop shop
Passion, tradition and expertise – when you know what you are doing, the charge grows. That is why Moselland eG has grown beyond its original wine-growing region. Today, we produce and sell wines from Weinvertrieb Nahetal GmbH (Nahe), Rietburg Weingenossenschaft (Palatinate) and Niersteiner Weingenossenschaft (Rheinhessen). This makes us a full-range supplier of the four largest wine-growing regions of Rhineland-Palatinate for national and international customers.