Small but excellent.

Why wander far and wide… You know the rest. Goethe’s wise thought is hardly as true anywhere as it is on the Nahe. For here, along this small river and its side valleys in the south-western Rhineland-Palatinate, very special wines have been produced for centuries. One of the most important reasons for this is even older than Goethe, but can still be tasted today: volcanic soils. The turbulent origin of the rock in the Nahe valley makes for distinctive wines, appreciated by connoisseurs all over the world.

The potential of the idyllic Nahe Valley was already recognised – how could it be otherwise – by the Romans. They brought the first vines to the region centuries ago. Our winegrowers of the Nahe continue this tradition with craftsmanship to this day. Since 2000, they have been important members of Moselland eG and enrich our range under the umbrella brand Nahetal Weinvertrieb GmbH with an essential Rhineland-Palatinate wine culture.