De beschte Woi is offene Woi, unn der muss aus Rhoihesse soi.

You don’t have to understand everything – Rheinhessan babble, for example because the wines of Rheinhessen and the Niersteiner Weingenossenschaft speak their very own language which connoisseurs all over the world understand. It is not for nothing that the Niersteiner Glöck is the oldest documented vineyard in Germany and that Nierstein is the largest wine-growing community in Rheinhessen. Even today, exceptional wines grow here, west of the Rhine.

The Niersteiner Weingenossenschaft was founded in 1930 as a classic cooperative of local winegrowers. It has grown steadily over the decades with joint cooperation with Moselland eG in 2004. Finally, in 2016, the Rhine and Mosel came together by merging with the Moselland.