ToskanY. Plus Saumagen.

What does Rhodt unter Rietburg have that Hamburg doesn’t? Exactly: sunshine galore, the Palatinate’s national dish Saumagen and, above all, outstanding wines. With around 1,800 hours of sunshine a year and a Mediterranean climate, tangy white wines, juicy rosés and fruity reds like Pinot Noir thrive here. And they do so in postcard perfect surroundings that artists could not paint more beautifully: in the shadows of the Rietburg, between half-timbered houses, ancient sandstone walls and with a great deal of skill, patience and love for the winegrowing craft grow with each vintage.

The Rietburg wine cooperative was founded in Rhodt unter Rietburg in 1958. Since 2011, the cooperative and its winegrowers have been an important part of Moselland eG.