Let’s drink stars!
Sparkling real pleasure!
Let’s talk about Sekt.
Dancing pearls in a glass.
Sparkling wine instead of seltzer.


The highest level of wine refinement is sparkling wine production. In our own sparkling wine factory, we produce sparkling wine using the traditional bottle fermentation method.

“How good a sparkling wine ultimately turns out depends largely on the quality of its wine. As with a good meal, it is the ingredients and the know-how of preparation that make the difference,” says our cellar master Julian Goerg.

This requires a good balance between “resting” and “doing”, because sparkling wine needs a lot of time on its lees. But then creamy, delicate drops with a fine mousseux are created – an incomparably sparkling experience.

Meticulousness, experience and knowledge of sparkling wine production result in a delight for our senses. We have our exquisite range of Nigra sparkling wines ready for you in our vinotheque. Come by and let us surprise you.

Julian Goerg puts it in a nutshell: “Come on, let’s drink stars!”

THE brand for THE sparkling moments IN LIFE

In 1927, the hotelier Max Mann founded today’s sparkling wine factory in the immediate vicinity of the Porta Nigra. The name Nigra is therefore derived from the Roman city gate and landmark of the city of Trier, the Porta Nigra. Following the merger with the Saar Winegrowers’ Association in 1994, the location was moved to Wiltingen on the Saar.

Nigra stands for sparkling wine enjoyment in a class of its own. Our products are produced using the traditional bottle fermentation method and offer two outstanding quality levels: Nigra varietal sparkling wines and Nigra premium sparkling wines.

Nigra grape variety sparkling wines

Immerse yourself in the diversity of carefully selected grape variety sparkling wines from the Mosel, Palatinate and Rheinhessen regions of origin. The maturation period on the lees is at least nine months and guarantees reliable quality. Our range extends from regional specialties to international classics, and you will find the right sparkling wine for every occasion.

Riesling, Elbling, Pinot Blanc, Spätburgunder Rosé, Muskateller, Chardonnay

Brut, Dry, Semi-dry

Storage minimum 9 months


This range represents the top of our quality pyramid. Whether as a sparkling wine from steep vineyards or as a crémant with a minimum maturation period of 12 months on the lees – Nigra-Premium will delight your palate and put a smile on your face. The qualities are outstanding, with a fine mousseux (= pearl foam) and balanced taste: “Come on, let’s drink stars!”

Riesling, Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs

Brut, Dry

Storage minimum 12 months